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Hamza Maqsood June 27, 2023

From Subliminal Persuasion to Conscious Choices: How Ads Influence Our Everyday Lives

Advertisements play a vital role in our lives, to the point where it is difficult to imagine a life without them in today's world. They hold a prominent position in our lives and influence us. We regularly encounter ads, engage...

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Hamza Maqsood September 10, 2020

Go Beyond Search Volume; A Pragmatic Way for Keyword Research

Google keeps updating its algorithms, keeping you on tip toe, but one factor remains pretty consistent for optimizing your website searches: "Keyword Research”. This is essentially the first step of any SEO campaign. Putting it another way: Keyword Research helps...

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Basit Ali June 1, 2020

Decide Whether To Use Horizontal Or Vertical Integration For Your Business

If you’re a marketer then you are obviously very familiar with these two terms, but! If you’re not, then allow me to explain a summarized version of both. “Horizontal Integration, or better known as Lateral Integration, is a strategy that...

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Malaika Zafar March 20, 2020

How has Coronavirus affected the Digital World?

If you haven’t heard about the global pandemic that is Coronavirus, also known as COVID-19, you either might be joking or definitely need insight in it. Widely spread out in China at first, it has cost lives of a huge...

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Sahrish Hafeez July 27, 2017

The Secret Lies in the Content

Are you done with the whole website building thing for your business? Then it’s high time that you should start focusing on how you are going to engage your customers & direct traffic to your website!! You think that it’s...

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Kamil Shoukat March 25, 2017

Shift to the Digital Marketing Following Ban on Billboards

The billboard culture in Karachi was more about muscle flexing than a focused marketing strategy. Every brand was after the most premium location and the biggest billboard. Karachi’s carbon footprint is already on a high and the city’s greenery has...

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