Madeeha Altaf July 25, 2023

The Genesis of a Potentially Successful Marketing Campaign!

Seizing an audience for a brand you might be trying to hype takes just one correct direction. There lies an entire world of science behind the successful brands you see flashing high on the billboards or making hundreds of dollars....

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Hamza Maqsood June 27, 2023

From Subliminal Persuasion to Conscious Choices: How Ads Influence Our Everyday Lives

Advertisements play a vital role in our lives, to the point where it is difficult to imagine a life without them in today's world. They hold a prominent position in our lives and influence us. We regularly encounter ads, engage...

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Madeeha Altaf July 27, 2020

Neuromarketing; A Play with the Consumer’s Mind!

Do you have any idea how powerful your unconscious mind is? It hoards all your thoughts, emotions and feelings that your conscious mind isn’t even aware of! And, this is exactly what drives your behavior and personality. Now, how the...

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