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Crea8ive Bench is a firm that offers a plethora of IT Solutions to consumers globally. The services we offer our clients are Web Designing/Development, Web Analytics, SEO and content management.
The sole focus that we have, is to provide our global consumers with, IT solutions that help their businesses soar through the digital realm. Aside from dabbing in the technology sector we also focus on Coupon websites like TVC & OCI. That help provide massive savings to people who love to shop online.



Performance Marketing; The Best Way for E-Commerce Growth!
By Aana Wasi /

Performance Marketing; The Best Way for E-Commerce Growth!

It’s been two years since we turned the 2010s page and jumped into the next decade. Still, companies are struggling to keep up with the changing business landscape of the 2020s. There’s no denying that the marketing segment is bombarded with tons of changes, making marketing professionals invest their valuable hours in dealing with new […]

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Metaverse; The Science Fiction Endgame!
By Madeeha Altaf /

Metaverse; The Science Fiction Endgame!

Only a decade or two ago, there were assumptions and predictions of flying cars and time machines in the near future. Somehow, it turned out a lot better than just a bunch of vehicles above our heads that could crash into the skyscraping buildings anytime. We live amid a platoon of computers and smart devices […]

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