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Crea8ive Bench is a firm that offers a plethora of IT Solutions to consumers globally. The services we offer our clients are Web Designing/Development, Web Analytics, SEO and content management.
The sole focus that we have, is to provide our global consumers with, IT solutions that help their businesses soar through the digital realm. Aside from dabbing in the technology sector we also focus on Coupon websites like TVC & OCI. That help provide massive savings to people who love to shop online.



What is PPC Advertising All About?
By Madeeha Altaf /

What is PPC Advertising All About?

Starting a business is a big load and getting your products or services to sell is an even trickier feat. It takes some of the most astounding marketing strategies to be visible to the audiences and make them actually buy what you’re selling. You can build a killer website to get started with your venture, […]

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How Is Chat GPT Changing the World?
By Hamza Maqsood /

How Is Chat GPT Changing the World?

The release of the new AI tool “Chat GPT”, developed by OpenAI (a nonprofit research organization), has made waves around the world, affecting almost every industry. People are curious about it. So, what exactly is this new disruptive technology? Should we be worried about a chatbot replacing our jobs? Read this blog to find out. […]

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