Mobile Marketing

Sadaf Awan June 29, 2020

An In-Depth Look at Influencer Marketing

I’m an avid online buyer! If I catch my favorite Influencer recommending a product, I Instantly hop in the bandwagon to get the product myself. Sometimes, I might not even need to invest in something as useless as an iPhone...

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Aana Wasi April 27, 2020

Content Marketing for Boosting Your Virtual Presence in 2020

Content marketing isn’t a piece of cake. But then again, when speaking about marketing, choosing the easy route rarely drives meaningful Better leads, credibility, online brand’s visibility, and keeping existing audience along- this all could be achieved in the best...

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Afreen Jaffery August 22, 2017

What Marketers Need to Know about Instagram’s Live Stories Replay Feature

  The previous year Instagram launched its live video option; in which the user would simply just swipe over to the live mode in camera option and would just stream away with live recording. However the one thing that this...

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