The previous year Instagram launched its live video option; in which the user would simply just swipe over to the live mode in camera option and would just stream away with live recording. However the one thing that this feature was missing, unlike Facebook and Periscope was the replay option. Once a person was done watching the streaming video, they couldn’t be replayed, which also meant that it was important for the audience to remain tuned in at the right time to catch up with the broadcast. All hail to the latest feature by Instagram, such videos can now finally be replayed, once you’re done live streaming.

From the brand’s perspective also, after its launch in November last year, many businesses and labels from across the globe took advantage of Live Video feature and used it to connect with their target audiences by sharing their stories. Now with introduction of the “Live Video Replay” feature by Instagram, online businesses can do even more, to give a boost to their ventures.

If you are also wondering how this incredible new option works, then in this blog you will discover how you can now get an extra view time of 24 hours for your videos with Live Video Replay option.

Access to Instagram Live Videos for Replay

You must be wondering if access to Instagram Live Videos is limited; with this option live videos get accessible for everyone.

This option is not just confined for business accounts, personal profiles on Instagram also have equal access to this feature that allows them all to create videos for replays and also watch replays of other accounts.

1: How to Use Insta Live:

You’re done with the live stories, now what next?

a: It’s ok if you aren’t ready even if you have tapped the live button

The one thing that makes Instagram’s feature stand out from the similar features introduced by its competitors is once you hit the live button it checks your connection with a three-second count-down giving you time to get completely ready before you go live.

b: You can keep your videos from unwanted people hidden

Don’t want that stalker friend on your list to see your Insta-Live story? You can now hide it from the people on your list, whom you are uncomfortable to share your life updates with. Just simply go to your profile settings and click on “Hide Story from” and put privacy on the specific people of your choice.

c: There’s an option to turn off videos of people going live

Incase if you don’t want to watch someone’s live videos you can always mute them. In order to get this done just tap on that specific person’s photo on the top of your newsfeed. A small pop up window will show up and you can simply mute the video.

d: Your recordings will eventually be vanished

Just like stories, once your broadcast is over it will vanish after the time span of 24 hours.

e: How you can save live videos

After your live broadcast ends you can also save your live videos so that even when they have disappeared from the app, in your section of stories, they are still with you in your camera roll. All you will have to do is press “Save” in the upper right corner and you will be able to save your video.

f: Choose which comments go visible on your video

Not everyone is your admirer and possesses good sense of humour, so there are prospects that you might get unwanted comments on your live video that are not appropriate. Now you can get rid of this agony by simply controlling which comments go live on your profile. Click profile and then hide button to keep certain words and phrases hidden.

g: You can also turn off comments entirely

In case if you aren’t one of those who don’t welcome extra commentary on their videos or get irritated by the stream of notifications from the comments that is generated once you have uploaded the video on your live steaming section, you also have the option to turn off comments completely on your account.

h: Pin comments that are your favourite

You can also set an example for such type of people with comments that you like by pinning them. Once a comment pops up you can always tap on it and then select on Pin Comment. To unpin, just tap on it again and then feasibly turn it off.

2: How to post your video for Replay

Upon ending the live stream of video a small recap screen will appear. There you will see how many viewers have so far watched your video and can also share your video for another 24 hours. The slider will give a default blue option. When you will tap share replay will become applicable on your stories. In case if you don’t want visitors to not replay your videos you can also tap again on it to turn off the replay option. The replay option is available for everyone on your list to view for 24 hours. Afterwards the video just like other stories that will disappear from your profile.

3: Replay Option On Your Profile Picture

Once you have shared your live video, your profile picture’s icon will indicate that you also have a replay option available on your story. The usual coloured circle that appears upon sharing a story will a small Play Icon at its bottom.

4: Promote your replay video to get additional views

To escalate the number of views of your Instagram live replay, have a strategy to get your videos promoted before you hit the share button. Also use combination of Instagram story posts in order to promote both live videos and replays.

Undoubtedly the feature of Instagram Live Videos has been an incredible way for brands to authentically connect with their audiences, but vanishing of content instantly along with broadcast was previously making it difficult for them to reach the majority of their target audience. The extended outreach through 24 hours replays has ensured that there will be more viewers who will see the videos and possibly more brand loyalty will be built amongst them.


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