Content marketing isn’t a piece of cake. But then again, when speaking about marketing, choosing the easy route rarely drives meaningful Better leads, credibility, online brand’s visibility, and keeping existing audience along- this all could be achieved in the best possible way through a powerful content marketing strategy. Not only this will help your business grow, but will also build a strong connection with your audience by promoting brand awareness through delivering the content that adds value.

A successful content marketing strategy has the power to make your brand stand out as a trustworthy provider while keeping your sales brimming with quality leads. The more high-quality and appropriately optimized content you publish, the better your integrity and would be easier to find your website through search.

For keeping your marketing engine humming, you need to make significant content strategies that make sure your efforts bear fruits. Some of the essential content marketing strategies that you can have in your marketing arsenal are given below. So, if you want to drive enough traffic through your content, then this guide is what you need to follow this year!

Publish “Be the Source” Post

Publishing “Be the Source” post is the foremost way to enhance your virtual presence. These posts are thoroughly researched data that contain new, relevant and interesting information. These days more content is published than ever before, so making your content stand out is pretty hard. To get your content noticed in 2020, writing on a new and emerging topic would be perfect. As being among-st one of the first websites with data on that current topic will help you drive a higher number of audiences to your website. But make sure your data has to be 100% valid because publishing misleading findings can damage your website’s reputation. Also, you can visualize your content to make it easier to understand.

How to Jump on Emerging Topics

Jumping on emerging topics before they take off is the second way for your content to stand out. Now the question arises how to find the growing trends that are about to take off? Google trend is the best way to confirm whether the keyword is growing or shrinking. So, search for a keyword you might think is trending up, check out the related queries at the bottom of the page which is Google’s way of showing you terms that are about to blow up.

Once you find a topic, try to create a blog, guide list or a video content on it. The topic is so new that it will definitely enhance the presence of your website.

Video Content

Video content? Is it really the future of content marketing? Well yes! Around 70% of consumers say that they prefer videos over text-based content. As internet users have a short attention span and videos, allow visitors to consume content faster within less time. This trend isn’t slowing down anytime soon as the largest online video network, YouTube, which is the second-largest search engine in the world reports:

More than 1 billion users visit the channel each month, and around 6 billion hours of videos are watched each month.

So, if you want to get the most eyeballs on your website, then creating video content will definitely help. All the creators know the importance of the first 15 seconds. So, avoid starting your videos with animated or fancy logos and focus on creating content that keeps the audience hooked. Instead of jumping straight into your content, you can spend the first few seconds while explaining how your video topic is essential.