From Subliminal Persuasion to Conscious Choices: How Ads Influence Our Everyday Lives

DATE : June 27, 2023
By Hamza Maqsood

Advertisements play a vital role in our lives, to the point where it is difficult to imagine a life without them in today’s world. They hold a prominent position in our lives and influence us. We regularly encounter ads, engage in discussions about them, and even form judgments about individuals based on the brands they associate with. The involvement of cricket heroes and film stars in endorsing various products creates a strong temptation within us to purchase those items. The endorsement of these products by individuals we idolize suggests they are worth acquiring. Advertisements go beyond simply promoting products; they also shape our lifestyle choices, aspirations, dreams, expressions of love, and perceptions of what it means to be intelligent, successful, and beautiful. Despite our fear of being manipulated, our surroundings unconsciously influence our daily decisions. For example, the smell of grilling meats can make us feel hungry, and the music in a supermarket can steer us toward specific purchases.

In What Ways Do Ads Appeal to Our Senses? 

Advertisers employ various tactics to persuade consumers to purchase their offerings. They achieve this by inundating us with images and ads featuring attractive individuals, luxurious vehicles, picturesque locations, pleasing sounds, and more. This principle is called emotional cognition, where all our senses collectively influence our actions. Every piece of content produced by advertisers is intended to impact our behaviour and shape our perception of their brand or product.

To promote their products, Advertisers employ a tactic of initially instilling feelings of dissatisfaction. They accomplish this by presenting an idealized version of life and prompting you to compare it with your ordinary existence. Gradually, they lead you to believe that you lack beauty, intelligence, confidence, and other desirable qualities until you are fully convinced that you are essentially inadequate. Why do they resort to such a strategy? The purpose is to exploit your insecurities and emotionally manipulate you for their own gain.

How Ads Manipulate You?

Advertising manipulates individuals by targeting their subconscious and bypassing the logical mind, which serves as a protective barrier for the brain regions associated with critical thinking. This manipulation is particularly effective because it taps into the deep-seated mechanisms in our minds. Additionally, advertising significantly influences social learning processes by presenting role models, establishing trends, and even shaping traditions. It profoundly impacts our identity and values, exerting a substantial power of influence. An alarming example of this influence is the role advertising plays in promoting smoking among women.

Advertisements create the notion that everything we want can be obtained through purchases. They perpetuate the misleading belief that our needs can be fulfilled solely through buying, leading us to measure success and prioritize wealth in our lives. By conveying the message that contentment is unattainable without shopping, advertisements foster a desire to spend our hard-earned money on items that ultimately leave us feeling unfulfilled and discontented. This cycle fuels a constant pursuit of material possessions that fail to provide long-lasting satisfaction.

How Does Advertising Impact Our Preferences and Interests?

The power of persuasive advertising lies in its ability to present a product as superior, easier to use, of superior quality, or more affordable than its competitors. While advertising itself may not directly change our likes and preferences, effective advertising has the potential to shape them indirectly. When an advertisement convinces a consumer to buy a new product, that product may become a long-term personal favorite or a regular item in their household. Similarly, if a successful marketing campaign persuades a sceptic to try a new reality television show, they might discover a new pastime or interest.

How Subliminal Advertising Influences the Subconscious Mind?

Subliminal advertising refers to the use of hidden messages in advertisements that the conscious mind cannot perceive. These messages can be conveyed through visual cues or even elements of a brand’s identity, like logos or taglines. The goal of subliminal advertising is to influence the subconscious mind and shape consumer behaviour, all without the consumer being consciously aware of the embedded message.

Elements of subliminal advertising, when used ethically, aim to create brand awareness and establish associations between specific images and emotions with a particular brand. The intention is not to manipulate for malicious or inappropriate purposes but rather to subtly communicate a harmless message to the audience’s subconscious minds. When executed effectively, the intended message becomes ingrained in the audience’s minds, even if it was not directly conveyed to their conscious awareness. Over the last few years, several laws have been passed prohibiting advertising products such as alcohol and tobacco. Nevertheless, it should be noted that companies haven’t completely forsaken their marketing strategies. Instead, they have adopted a clever approach by incorporating subliminal messaging into their marketing efforts.

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