Nothing could be worse than a misinterpreted image of a brand or a product! Knowing the art of communicating with your audience can make or break your business, irrespective of how useful your brand or service is. Despite all those careful considerations taken to create a message, it might still mislead the recipients. Especially when communicating online, things can often get hard to comprehend. From blog posts to media stories/captions, and emails to info-graphics, all will either encourage or deter the users from interacting with you again. The tone of voice used reflects your brand’s personality and decides how it will come across to the customers.

This blog post of ours showcase the importance of a brand voice in the digital era and how an appealing brand voice can be a staircase for a great digital brand. Scroll down to read!

A Brand Voice

Brand voice refers to the way you interact with your audience, which also embodies the brand’s personality and emotions infused into the company’s communication. The way you communicate with your friends and colleagues, there’s a way to communicate with your customer base specifically as well. When talking about the digital medium, dishing out uninspired and disconnected content won’t work. Here, we aren’t asking you to become the next Google or Apple company, it’s all about setting out the table that highlights YOU and your brand. An effective brand voice will cause your audience to connect with, engage in, and most importantly, believe in what you do. In the end, it’s more about how you say it than what you say.

Cut short; an appealing brand voice will make your business either sink or swim.

How to Create an Appealing Brand Voice

Here, we’ll give you an overview of what efforts go into creating an appealing brand voice. This brief summary highlights the points that you can go over to recognize the brand identity elements and how you can portray your brand in the best possible way online.

Analyze the Audience 

The game here is all about understanding. The better you understand your audience, the more it will bring you a positive ROI. It can be achieved in the finest way by conducting a survey based on questions like their age range, the milestones they’ve attained, geographic location, education, occupation, etc. This sort of audience research will make you explore the connectivity between your brand and the users effectively.

Competitor Study

You definitely have heard the phrase called “Keep your friends close, but your enemies closer”. Digging out your competitor’s information like their brand voices and the tones they use will give you an idea of how you can entice the audience through your brand voice. Find out something that you know can make your business do better.

Design and Color

Color is a powerful communication tool. It evokes emotions, feelings, and dramatically affects moods. Play with the color palette and discover the kind of mood you want to set in via your website and social pages. For example: Coca Cola is widely known for a few simple things, among-st which, the red color tops the list. This is what we mean by color and design.

The tone of Voice and Language

Do you want your brand to sound serious or fun? Do you want the users to come across your content in a happy tone or a more serious tone? Whatever is your preference, make efforts and hone your skills, and decide the kind of personality your brand should showcase on the internet. Then, deliver your ideas and thoughts into words.

There you have it on the tips, to begin with for creating a stellar brand voice of your own. The company’s reputation completely counts on your brand voice. In other words, brand voice is what you want to be known as and known for.