Only a decade or two ago, there were assumptions and predictions of flying cars and time machines in the near future. Somehow, it turned out a lot better than just a bunch of vehicles above our heads that could crash into the skyscraping buildings anytime. We live amid a platoon of computers and smart devices that can transport you into a whole new world, just that you’d be sitting comfortably in your lounge simultaneously. To be precise, the magnificent Metaverse is the topic of discussion here.

What is Métaverse?

Think of a virtual world where there’s no limit to the possibilities. The Metaverse is precisely that for you. It’s a 3D online space where you will be connected to multiple platforms and do different activities. You can work, game, socialize, and do anything else you can think of, along with other users. Each user has an avatar or character that can go out to shop in a mall, work at an office, relax in a spa, or even make some money on the internet. This incredible evolution of the internet will allow you to hop on to experiences freely while holding up your identity and money. Moreover, giant multinationals worldwide are investing billions in the concept, including Meta, Microsoft, Google, Qualcomm, and Nvidia. Also, these are now considered one of the top metaverse stocks to buy into.

Metaverse technologies

Metaverse is backed by some of the most powerful technologies to run smoothly and provide the best experience. These are a few technologies that cannot be missed out on:

Blockchain: One of the essential things to rely on in a metaverse virtual reality is a digital currency. To carry out transactions in this virtual world, Blockchain comes into use. It is a safe and secure way to keep track of your assets and their ownership. You can also protect your personal information, avatar, e-wallets, artifacts, NFTs, and more with blockchain technology.

Brain-Computer Interface: Watching superhuman cartoons and movies in childhood, we’re all guilty of trying to move an object using our brains. BCI makes it possible today! The Brain-Computer Interface is an extraordinary system that detects your functional intent, meaning anything you want to move, control, change, or interact with in your environment. BCI uses a computer to identify the action you want to do by getting the signals from your brain. These signals are then analyzed and translated into commands to devices for carrying out the function.

Artificial Intelligence: AI plays a massive role in the success of Metaverse. It enables machine learning and makes it possible for computers to make independent decisions following human commands. From creating realistic avatars using facial recognition software to generating realistic digital humans that play video games as if they’re real people, artificial intelligence is simply magnificent. Besides, it also helps with natural language processing, education & training, and more.

Metaverse Apps

With Metaverse on an endless soar toward popularity, companies have launched multiple projects lately. There are many apps available that you can use and invest in to reap the benefits in the near future. Some of them are listed below:

Battle Infinity: Battle Infinity is one of the top metaverse games platforms allowing players to earn rewards. There’s an entire Battle Infinity Ecosystem having a flock of features with mind-blowing capabilities. It includes an IBAT Premier League, which is an NFT-based sports game, IBAT Battle Swap which enables the players to swap their tokens with another, IBAT Battle Market, which acts the same way as the best NFT marketplaces, and more. This astounding crypto-gaming platform has many other features that you can explore with use.

Roblox: Roblox is a phenomenal app with an enormous user base. It’s an amazing platform where users can create games on their own and then interact with other games created by users. This app is not hosted on Blockchain, which makes it different from a lot of other metaverse apps. Besides, you can even buy stocks and invest in this app to see a fab growth. It is free to play and is available to use on your mobiles, so it instantly makes Roblox an easy-to-use app while you’re occupied and running during the day.

The Sandbox: If there’s one platform that allows users to bring forth their creativity, it has to be The Sandbox. The app has a feature called VoxEdit which enables users to make in-game structures. These structures can then be grouped as NFTs and sold to other users. Consumers of this app can make transactions with SAND as the currency on The Sandbox Marketplace. One can make structures here, sell them as NFTs, and even invest in the application!