Paid search is where we all started off initially and even though now we have outgrown into an extensive full-service agency, advancing our performance by means of search is one of our in-depth passions. Our approach is meticulously researched, it allows you to stay ahead of your customer's requirements while generating maximum ROI for your business. With the integration of our proprietary bid management technology, top media partnerships and global capabilities, we practice this strategy not only across Paid Search but all the pertinent Paid Media Solutions.


Crea8ive Bench provides performance-based marketing services to various clients. We make sure that the businesses that come to us get the required exposure by introducing them to various publishers. We provide them with quantitative results along with a dashboard access, making sure that the client is always informed about the ins and outs.


Over the years Crea8ive Bench has been successfully running display ads for its clients. We have incorporated various formats in our display campaigns such as Text, Images, and Flash Videos. Our team takes into account online customer behavior, meanwhile, our data engineering team makes sure all ads and ad placements are relevant.

Feed Management

Crea8ive Bench provides end-to-end solutions such as Dynamic Re-marketing Ads, Google Shopping and Comparison Shopping Engines. Brands entrust us to provide budgeting and anticipating intelligence to judge which strategies will yield maximum income. Our team is expert in predicting trends and studying search behaviors.

Paid Social

Our social media team is running paid social strategies on various platforms. We believe in the strict quantification of profit and loss on all campaigns regardless of the platform. At Crea8ive Bench, we never implement a hit-and-miss strategy. Instead of anticipating ROI, we work hard and smart to make it happen.


Our team comprises of SEM experts that are extremely efficient in Pay-Per-Click (PPC) campaigns. Through our SEM services, you can increase search engine results pages’ (SERPs) visibility through paid advertising. We are experts at first-tier search engine PPC such as Google Ad Words and Microsoft Bing Ads.