Privacy Policy

Crea8ive Bench only collects information from those clients and potential employees who apply at Crea8ive Bench or when they contact us. As a part of our parent company called “Global Technology Services Pte. Ltd.“, we’re bound to follow the same standards of business ethics & data protection. The information provided to us will only be used to respond inquiries, or to answer questions if requested by you.

Cookie Policy
Yes, Crea8ive Bench uses cookies. The cookies will collect information about users in order to them a more personalized experience.

Disclosure of information to third parties
Any information collected at Crea8ive Bench from the valued customers or incumbents will never be sold, shared or discussed with any third party.

Non-personal identifiable Information:
Crea8ive Bench does collect identifiable information which may not be personal or to identify a specific person. Information such as IP address, search term, domain name, or type of browser might be collected only to track and improve our website’s functionality.

Online policy:
This privacy policy is only applicable to our online presence. Our methods of offline presence and collecting information is completely different.

Your consent:
By using our products, services and this website, you consent to our privacy policy.

The privacy policy of Crea8ive Bench adheres to the Privacy laws and regulation of Government of Pakistan.